• SURVIVING DRUNK DRIVING Example: An officer sees someone swerving in and out of her lane on the freeway. It’s 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Cops thinks the driver may be drunk. The officer will pull her over and begin to ask her some questions like, “Which bar are you coming from?” How many drinks have you had tonight?” and “What did you drink?” When the officer is asking her these questions, the officer will look into the car for empty or open alcohol bottles,... Read Article
  • WHY DO THE POLICE STOP YOU? Police generally stop someone for one of three reasons: (1) Probable Cause; (2) Reasonable Suspicion; and (3) Consent. Probable Cause: If a police officer has a good reason to believe that you committed a crime, the officer can stop you, arrest you, and search you. The officer does not need to be 100% sure that you committed a crime, just that there is an “honest and strong suspicion.” That is probable cause. Example: Cops get a 911 call that a small... Read Article