• Jobs

    Every job application asks “Have you been convicted of crime? If so, please explain.” Your answer to that dreaded question may determine whether you get the job or not. Don’t be afraid when you see that question. After getting an expungement, you can honestly answer that you have not been convicted of that crime. This will increase your chances of getting that job and staying competitive in a tough market. Don’t let one or two mistakes decide the rest of your life.

  • Schools

    Whether you are applying to a trade school, community college, or graduate school, or transferring to a four-year college, a conviction on your record may very well be the difference between getting a letter of acceptance or rejection. You didn’t work this hard in school to get rejected because of one dumb mistake. With an expungement, you can honestly answer that you have not been convicted. Invest in your future and get an expungement!

  • Professional Licenses

    There are almost 100 occupations in California that require special licenses from the state or independent agencies. These licenses require a background check. Lawyers, teachers, contractors, dentists, real estate agents, drivers (taxi, Uber, Lyft), security guards, cosmetologists, and day-care workers are just a small fraction of the list. Getting your record cleaned up BEFORE you apply for your license is vital in making sure you get your license. Don’t let a conviction cost you your career!

  • Travel

    Do you travel often? Do you want to participate in the TSA’s Global Entry Program? Getting convictions taken off your record is critical in applying for the program. Oftentimes, convictions form the basis for rejecting a candidate. Don’t let a conviction turn you into a couch potato.

  • Insurance, Cars, Housing

    Trying to get insurance? Leasing a car? Moving apartments? All of these areas will take your criminal history into account. If you feel your past is weighing you down and preventing you from realizing your potential, take back your life!

  • Loans

    Banks and other lending institutions consider criminal convictions when deciding on loans. Do not make the mistake of leaving those guilty convictions on your record when applying for that loan.

  • Peace of Mind

    If you just need closure and peace of mind, do not hesitate to get that expungement. In today’s day and age, when everything can be tracked on the web, being proactive about your reputation is more important than ever. Sleep better and get an expungement.