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Your record matters and you shouldn’t have to live with the consequences of a past mistake. Having indiscretions on your record can be a heavy burden and keep you from getting a job, housing, loans, professional licenses, and so much more. One common course of action is to have your record expunged and have your criminal record cleared of your past conviction. This can help you move on with your life as if the conviction never happened. This can open new opportunities for you.

While getting your record expunged can help you move forward, it isn’t right for everyone. Every case is different, and you may benefit more from other services, such as having your felony reduced to a misdemeanor, gaining a certificate of rehabilitation or a pardon, having your probation terminated early, or having your arrest record sealed and destroyed. Your record may benefit more from one of these services, especially in combination with an expungement.

Felony Reductions (17b) or Proposition 47
Felony convictions can be difficult to overcome. They can limit your ability to find a...
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Certification of Rehabilitation and Pardon
For people were were convicted of a felony and did serve time in state prison, there is still...
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Early Termination of Probation
Being on probation is paralyzing. Even just an arrest while on probation can serve as a probation...
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Seal and Destroy Arrest Records
If you were arrested for a crime you didn’t commit, and the case was dismissed or rejected, get...
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