Felony Reduction (17b)

Having a felony on your record can be crippling. Employment, state licensing boards, housing, and schools will all ask you if you have been convicted of a felony. Fortunately, we can help. Xpungeusa can request from the court to reduce your felony to a misdemeanor.

California Penal Code 17(b) establishes two requirements for reducing a felony conviction to a misdemeanor: (1) the underlying offense must be a wobbler, and (2) probation must have been granted.

Under California law, a “wobbler” is an offense that can be charged and punished as either a felony or a misdemeanor.

The list of wobblers is too numerous to detail here but includes such common crimes as:

Burglary, resisting arrest, money laundering, vehicular manslaughter, battery, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats, vandalism, DUI, Drug charges (possessions and sales), domestic violence, and firearm possession.

The second requirement is that you must have been granted probation on your case. If the court denied probation (or you violated your probation), and you were sentenced to serve prison time, you are not eligible for a reduction. If you served time in county jail, you are still eligible for a reduction.

In order for us to reduce your felony conviction to a misdemeanor, both of these requirements must be satisfied.  If you think you qualify, call us today for a free consultation.