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Felony Reductions (17b) or Proposition 47

Felony convictions can be difficult to overcome. They can limit your ability to find a fulfilling and well-paying job, make it difficult to obtain adequate housing and even take away your right to vote. 

In most cases, you are no longer the same person that was convicted and have rehabilitated your life for the better. So, why shouldn’t your record reflect that? Fortunately, the state of California gives the opportunity for people who have committed certain felonies to have them reduced via a felony reduction or Proposition 47 (Prop 47).

 If you are not sure whether or not you are eligible to pursue either route, it is recommended that you contact our expungement lawyers for more information.

What is Proposition 47?

The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, otherwise known as “Proposition 47” takes steps to fix certain elements of our broken criminal justice system that many in Los Angeles have been aware of for a long time. The proposition takes six non-violent and non-serious crimes and reduces them to misdemeanors. To learn more about Prop 47 and how it may affect you, contact our Expungement attorneys for more information. 

What is Felony Reduction?

Having a felony conviction on your record can hinder you in many areas of your life. Listed below are some reasons why you might want to seek a felony reduction. 

Benefits of Felony Reduction

  • You can state on job applications that you’ve never been convicted of a felony.
  • Felony reduction may help with obtaining affordable housing.
  • Could potentially restore your gun rights.
  • May increase your likelihood of getting approved for loans.
  • Enables you to get a professional license.
  • Early probation termination.

Who is Eligible for a Felony Reduction?

According to Penal Code 17(b), defendants with a felony conviction on their record are eligible for it to be reduced to a misdemeanor if they have been convicted of a “wobbler crime” (one that could have been prosecuted as a misdemeanor) and have completed the felony probation that they were sentenced to. 

How Does This Differ from an Expungement?

A felony reduction under PC 17(b) reduces a felony conviction to a misdemeanor.  Expungement, on the other hand, clears your record of a conviction and dismisses it. Oftentimes, our expungement lawyers can both reduce a felony and then expunge it. Find out today if you are eligible. 

Get Help With a Felony Reduction 

ExpungeAmerica operates under the simple notion that the cleaner your record is, the less trouble you will have getting a job, car, apartment, loan, or education. Getting felonies reduced to misdemeanors is the first step to a cleaner record. If you have a felony on your record and did not serve time in state prison, you are likely eligible for a reduction and eventually an expungement. Call us at (844) 204-7222 today to find out how we can help you!