We strive to provide the best services at the lowest prices. That is why ExpungeAmerica offers TRANSPARENT, FLAT RATE prices.

We don’t know of anyone who does this for a lower price than us.  A lot of other firms claim to charge low amounts but add tons of extra “fees” for working on different aspects of your case (research fees, appearance fees, filing fees, etc.).  We do not believe in that kind of bait and switch. At ExpungeAmerica we provide you the lowest price up front.

Get started and take advantage of our unbeatable rates today:

Misdemeanor, Felony or Infraction Expungement$599.99
Felony Reduction + Expungement $599.99
Juvenile Seal$949.99
Seal Arrest Records$949.99
Early Termination of Probation$999.99
Certificate of Rehabilitation$999.99

Our motto is: “The price is the price.” We are very up front about our price.  We charge a clear, easy to understand flat rate for each service we offer.   Our flat rates include everything, including any court fees. You will never be charged more than our flat rate.  The bottom line is that our flat rates are significantly lower than what you will pay anywhere else. 

In fact, we are so confident in our ability to get your background cleared, that we also back our Expungement services with our industry leading 100% money back guarantee. So you have absolutely nothing to lose! Use our eligibility engine to get the process started today. It only takes 5 minutes.