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Last Updated: 12/04/2020

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All visitors who provide any payment information agree to be charged the amount provided. All visitors agree that any challenge or dispute so such payment must be first provided to Hafkat, P.C. in writing.

ExpungeAmerica Money Back Guarantee and Refunds

ExpungeAmerica expungement services are backed by our money back guarantee program (The “Program”).  Under this program, subject to the terms below, a client may request a refund for the following reasons:

  1. ExpungeAmerica’s determination of eligibility was inaccurate, or incorrect.
  2. ExpungeAmerica was unable to obtain an expungement on behalf of the Client for the Requested Conviction;
  3. ExpungeAmerica failed to apply for the expungement.

ExpungeAmerica has the sole discretion to determine eligibility for a refund under the Program.  Upon request, the ExpungeAmerica team will review and determine eligibility for a refund. 


Refunds based on a client’s failure to: provide ExpungeAmerica requested information in a timely manner, provide ExpungeAmerica with updated contact information, comply with any conditions imposed by the Court as a prerequisite for obtaining post-conviction relief, failure to pay all fines and restitution and fees, failure to take required courses or other programs, failure to provide ExpungeAmerica with accurate and complete information are excluded.

Notably, ExpungeAmerica does not control the court calendar.  A request for an expungement must be approved by the court of appropriate jurisdiction. Any delay caused by the court does not entitle the client to a refund.  In addition, should the court reject a request or deny a petition for expungement for any reason, ExpungeAmerica, at its sole discretion, may re-apply as many times as it deems necessary in order to obtain relief.  No refunds will be issued during any reapplication period.

A client is entitled to a refund if ExpungeAmerica is unable to obtain expungement based on accurate information provided, and has exhausted all attempts to file and obtain requested relief.  The money back guarantee does not apply any service other than the expungement services.

ExpungeAmerica does not guarantee successful petitions or the ability to regain gun rights, gain employment, maintain employment or other relief anticipated based on a successful petition.   A client who obtains postconviction relief with ExpungeAmerica, but is unable to obtain gun rights, is denied employment, or terminated from client’s employment, or is unable to obtain some other anticipated relief, is not entitled to a refund.

ExpungeAmerica focuses solely on post-conviction relief through the court of appropriate jurisdiction.  ExpungeAmerica does not clear DMV records, or other publicly available databases.  A client is not entitled to a refund on the basis that a DMV report continues to show an arrest record, or that the information on a third party or public database shows the conviction.

ExpungeAmerica is not responsible for a client’s failure to provide accurate or complete information.  Any denial or failure to receive an expungement that is due to client’s failure to provide accurate or complete information is not eligible under the Program.


Refunds may take 3-5 business days to appear on any bank or credit card statement after being processed.

ExpungeAmerica will process a refund for any client who makes a request and is eligible to a refund under the money back guarantee.  Refunds will be limited to the amount paid by the client.  In certain circumstances, ExpungeAmerica will refund the entire sum paid for services under where it determines eligibility under the money back guarantee program.

Any client requesting a refund for any other reason (i.e. change of heart, decision to use another provider) will not be entitled to a refund. 

In certain circumstances, where ExpungeAmerica has not yet filed the expungement paperwork, and a request for a refund is made outside the Program, ExpungeAmerica, at its sole discretion, may decide to refund the client.  In such, situations, ExpungeAmerica will retain all credit card and other bank processing fees associated with the processing and return.

Once expungement paperwork has been filed, however, no refund will be issued outside the Program. In addition, no refund will be issued for delays caused by the court or other governing body.