Who We Help

“Before I applied for my contractor’s license, I wanted to make sure that my record was as clean as possible. Back in my younger days I had a few run-ins with the cops. Thanks to ExpungeUSA, I got my convictions dismissed and now own my own contractor’s business. I highly recommend ExpungeUSA.”

– Juan F.

“I worked my butt off in school and I wanted to start my own business. Before applying for a small business loan, I got my college DUI expunged, as well some other drug related convictions. ExpungeUSA did a great job!”

Deymond R.

“When I was filling out my dream job application, I came to Question 12: ‘Have you been convicted of a crime?’ Thanks to ExpungeUSA, I got my guilty conviction for smoking pot and being drunk in public dismissed. A week later, I got the job! Who knows what would have happened had I not expunged those few college mistakes. Thanks ExpungeUSA!”

Maria M.

“I was going to Santa Monica College and getting ready to graduate. I was applying to transfer but was worried that my DUI a few years back would look bad. I was afraid it would keep me out of my transfer school. I contacted ExpungeUSA and they got my guilty DUI plea dismissed. I am so happy I got my expungement before I applied to transfer. ExpungeUSA made the process so simple, smooth, and affordable.”

Lewis Z.