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Expungement Attorney for Housing and Loans

Finances and shelter are two important tenements of life. Unfortunately, those with criminal records can find it incredibly difficult to obtain adequate housing and acquire loans. While discrimination based on race, gender, and sexual preference have all been legislated against, landlords and loan officers can legally discriminate based on a criminal record.

For housing, the incentive to discriminate is the safety of other tenants. Banks may deem a person with a criminal record as unreliable and deny their loan application. Fortunately, expungement in California is possible for most misdemeanors and some felonies. If you are eligible, this can change your conviction status from “guilty” to “dismissed.” Thus, when you fill out an application for a loan or housing, you can legally answer “no” when asked if you have been convicted of a crime.

Furthermore, your credit and criminal report will no longer say that you were convicted of a crime. If you are tired of being denied for housing and loans, connect with an expungement lawyer in California to get started on your case today. At Expunge America, we offer our clients a fresh start for a better future. 

The Impact a Conviction Has On Your Life

After you have served your sentence, paid fines and restitution, and completed probation, there are still hurdles to jump. This is especially true regarding work, housing, and finances. If you have a conviction on your record, it could significantly hinder your chances of living in an affordable and safe neighborhood. 

Furthermore, getting a loan to purchase a home, going back to school, or getting a new car can become increasingly challenging for those with a criminal record. Not only does this affect you, but it can also impact your family as well.  

Housing After a Conviction

Though you may be fully rehabilitated, finding adequate housing after a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense can be challenging. Neither the Fair Housing Act (FHA) or the Federal Employment Housing Act (FEHA) protects people with a criminal conviction from being discriminated against. It is legal for a landlord to deny your housing application based solely on your criminal record. 

It is recommended to work with an experienced expungement attorney to clear your record and help you to chart a better future. 

Why Landlords Care About Convictions

In California, landlords are obligated to protect tenants from the criminal actions of another tenant. In many cases, there are far more applicants than there are rental spaces. If you have a conviction on your record, you may be considered as more of a risk than applicants without one. 

Additionally, it can be challenging to be eligible for subsidized housing opportunities offered by the state and federal government (especially if the conviction is drug-related or a violent offense). 

How Expunging Your Record Could Help

Once your record has been expunged, your criminal record will no longer say that you have been convicted of a crime. Instead, it will show that your case was dismissed. Furthermore, you will not have to answer “yes” when asked if you have ever been convicted. 

Expunging Your Record Can Help You Get an Auto Loan

Auto loans can be notoriously difficult to get for many people. Those with a criminal record face an uphill battle when attempting to secure a loan for a car. This can affect your ability to work far distances from your home, attend gatherings, as well as your overall freedom of movement. 

Why It is Difficult for Certain Convictions to Get a Loan

Banks are apt to view a criminal record as a mark of untrustworthiness. This reflects on how willing they are to lend out money to anyone with a conviction as they are not sure if you are a reliable individual. Furthermore, if you have a drug offense on your record, it could disqualify you from Federal financial aid for your education. 

How Expungement Helps You Take Out Loans

When a conviction is expunged, your criminal record will effectively be erased. You will no longer have to worry about the stigma and negative consequences attached to having a criminal conviction on your record. This will allow banks and financial institutions to give you a fair chance when applying for loans. 

Expunging Your Record to Get Insurance

Insurance is a necessary part of life. It protects you as well as your family in the case of an accident or sickness. Much like banks and landlords, insurance companies can (and do) discriminate on applicants based on their criminal history. If you have a conviction on your record, it can mean much higher insurance rates.

Why Your Insurance May Be Higher with a Conviction

Insurance is a risk-based business. If they believe that pose a high risk, they will charge higher premiums. For instance, if you have a DUI on your record, you can almost be assured that your insurance premiums will reflect that, especially if you are not working with a California DUI expungement attorney. 

Does Expunging a Record Lower Insurance Rates?

Expunging a conviction can potentially lower insurance rates. When the insurance company searches for your criminal record, they will no longer be able to find one. Thus, they will not have a reason to discriminate against you and charge higher premiums because of a conviction. 

Hire an Expungement Lawyer to Today So You Can Finally Move Forward

If you have paid your debt to society, then there is no reason for your criminal record to follow you for the rest of your life. The price of having a conviction on your record far outweighs the California expungement cost. Not only can a conviction stop you from living in a neighborhood that is safe for your family, but it can also prevent you from getting student loans and pursuing a new path in life. 
At ExpungeAmerica, we offer a convenient, affordable, and easy to get your record expunged. Fill out our online form or give us a call at (844) 204-7222 to get connected with an expungement attorney today.