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Expungement Attorneys for Job-Seekers

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, you may know how difficult it is to get a job after you have served your sentence. Lack of employment can have a huge negative effect on your life, especially if you have a family to support. Not being able to find meaningful employment can make it difficult to pay for housing, household bills, or to put food on the table. 

More than 95% of employers use background checks on new and current employees and this has been a trend since the early 2000s. While increased background checks can make the workplace safer, they often make life difficult for job-seekers with any type of conviction on their record. With this in mind, many applicants have decided to take steps to have their convictions dismissed via an expungement in California

If you have been convicted of a crime and it has negatively affected your ability to take care of your family and remain gainfully employed, it may be time to think about having your conviction expunged. 

At ExpungeAmerica, we are aware that the California expungement cost is typically expensive. That is why we offer an effective, convenient, and affordable expungement service to all of our clients. And, if we can’t get your record expunged, you get your money back. Give us a call or fill out our easy online form to begin the process of getting an expungement in California today. 

Background Checks May Keep You From Getting a Job

Background checks are designed to keep companies, employees, and customers safe. However, they may be having an impact on people who just want to get their life back on track. An applicant with a conviction on their record is significantly less likely to get a job once they have applied. This can be true even if the applicant committed the crime many years ago, has been rehabilitated, and has served their debt to society. 

Getting a job with a conviction can be incredibly frustrating, and in some cases, even raise the risk of someone committing another crime in desperation to earn money. 

If your record has kept you from getting meaningful employment, connect with a skilfull and knowledgeable expungement attorney to learn more about your options to have your record dismissed. 

Long-Term Financial Effects of Not Getting Work

If you are not working, then you are likely not bringing home much income. Not only can this negatively affect your health and overall financial well-being, but it can also have an impact on your self-esteem, relationships, and ability to take care of your family. 

Do not allow your past mistakes to dictate your future any longer; seek the guidance of a proven expungement lawyer in Los Angeles today. 

How an Expungement Will Help You Find Employment

An expungement of a conviction on your record can significantly increase your chances of getting a job that you are otherwise qualified for. Getting an expungement in California effectively removes eligible convictions from your record. 

Once completed, employers will be more likely to hire you now that your record does not reflect your conviction. They will instead see that the charge has been dismissed. It should be noted that government agencies will still have access to previous convictions.   

What Employers are Not Allowed to Ask?

As of January 1, 2018, employers are no longer allowed to inquire about criminal history prior to making an offer of employment in the State of California (Assembly Bill 1008). Furthermore, an employer cannot ask about criminal cases that did not result in a conviction. Once you have been made an offer, however, a background check is not uncommon. 

When you have your conviction expunged, there may still be some information about your case on your record. However, an employer cannot ask questions or make hiring decisions based on a dismissed case. 

You Can’t Expunge All Convictions 

California has some of the most liberal laws on expungement in the United States, and most infractions and misdemeanors are eligible. However, only felonies that are considered “wobble offenses” (could have been charged as a misdemeanor) are usually able to be expunged. 

Typically, convictions where time-served was in state prison, and sexual offenses against children are not eligible for expungement. Additionally, you are not eligible for an expungement in California if you are currently charged with a crime, on probation for another crime, or are serving a jail sentence for another offense.  

Why Your Records May Still Be Viewable

When a conviction is expunged, a plea of “no-contest” or “guilty” is set aside by the judge and a new plea of “not guilty” is entered. The judge then dismisses the case. 

The record of your case may still be viewable. However, it will no longer show that you have been convicted. Government agencies will still have access to all of your criminal records, and they can also be used if you are prosecuted for another crime. It should be noted that it can take several months for the expungement process to be completed. 

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